Site Work

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Every construction professional seems to define “site work” differently depending on whether they are building a new home, installing a septic tank, digging a well, planting landscaping or excavating a basement. At APM Paving, our basic definition of site work is the preparation of the site to get it ready to install asphalt pavement, curbs or drainage system components.



Professional grading services are important for a variety of reasons. Whether you are installing drainage, pavement or curbing, the slope must be just right to provide the best possible path for runoff. Otherwise, you risk having water pool instead of drain, increasing the chances of pavement deterioration and making the area more hazardous to drivers and pedestrians. Improper grading can also compromise the integrity of the foundation that must provide stability for your asphalt pavement. In short, professional grading helps ensure that your completed project will function as it should and attain its expected life.


There is much more involved in effective storm water management than just the basic grade. Storm drains will be rendered useless if the runoff never reaches them, and you must have a means of “forwarding” the runoff to the proper location. Your property may require multiple storm drains that are strategically placed to maximize drainage. You may need culverts or gutters to channel the runoff safely away, or you may need storm pipes installed.


Curbs add the finishing touch to a street or parking lot. It defines the boundaries, but it also helps to control traffic and channel runoff. If your pavement was installed without proper curbing, you may be experiencing erosion or pavement damage. Curbs can typically be retrofitted to provide you with all of the benefits that professionally designed curbing can offer.


There are occasions when you need an area of pavement removed but do not plan to replace it. For example, you might be planning to expand your facilities and the addition will encroach on your current parking lot. Perhaps you want to install a small park for your employees or build a playground on what is now a paved area.


APM Paving offers a number of services to our customers in Central Kentucky, including site work, asphalt paving, pavement markings, sealcoating and asphalt repairs. We have more than three decades of experience in the asphalt industry, so our crews are highly trained and skilled. Our goal is to offer the highest quality work at affordable rates. If you would like to request a free quote or learn more about our services, you can call our office at (859) 299-8111, or use our convenient online form to send us your information.