Storm Water Management

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Over time, heavy rains can cause structural damage to pavement. When rain falls, it needs somewhere to drain away, and man-made structures such as parking lots and driveways need to incorporate proper drainage to avoid problems. Without the proper stormwater management system, outdoor residential and commercial areas can experience flooding that can harm the pavement.


Asphalt is very a durable material, but one of the main elements that promotes pavement deterioration is water. As water seeps through small cracks in the surface, it can filter down to the subgrade eventually causing cracks, shifting, and potholes. Concrete is also at risk of extensive damage from rain water. Sitting water is damaging to a driveway or parking lot, and can cost thousands of dollars to fix.

In addition to causing flooding, storm water runoff can carry harmful pollutants. As it travels over outdoor surfaces, it picks up sediment, grease and oil. This entails obvious risks to people in the area, and can damage otherwise clean and presentable surfaces as it settles. Additionally, incorrectly directed storm runoff can eventually find its way to lakes and reservoirs, posing a bigger risk to the health and wellbeing of wildlife and people living in the area.


A properly Storm Water Management will help water runoff be directed properly and minimize any damage caused by storm waters. Storm water management systems may include:

  • Culverts
  • Catch basins
  • Storm Pipes
  • Trench Drain Systems

Asphalt Paving and Maintenance plans storm water management systems in the Lexington & Louisville areas with environmental and property considerations in mind. With over 30 years of experience in pavement, concrete and drainage system building and maintenance, you can rest assured that we will plan and execute a proper storm water management system that is right for your property.

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