Catch Basin

Catch basins, sometimes called storm drains, are used to collect runoff and direct it to an underground storm sewer or other drainage system. Every catch basin associated with your asphalt pavement should be considered an integral part of your storm water management.


One of the most powerful enemies facing your asphalt pavement is water. Whether it is a parking lot, a quiet residential lane or a busy highway, standing water increases the chances that water will find a way beneath the pavement. If this happens, the foundation supporting your pavement can be weakened, resulting in often-extensive damage to the pavement. Water can enter through cracks in the surface of the pavement or back up under the edges of the pavement. Catch basins help your asphalt pavement shed water quickly while directing it safely away.


The two most common problems associated with catch basins both involve the lack of proper maintenance.

• If catch basins are not cleaned periodically, debris can accumulate sufficiently to obstruct the flow of water. Your pavement may not drain as quickly as it should, or it may not drain at all if the obstruction is great enough.
• The water flowing into catch basins is moving at a very fast rate, and it is carrying corrosive chemicals such as deicers and automotive fluids. The combination of fast-moving water and corrosive chemicals can erode the inlet and cause it to collapse. This, in turn, can lead to sinkholes or depressions in the asphalt that can worsen quickly.


The most obvious sign is that water is not draining into your catch basin or is draining at a slow rate. Other signs that you might have a problem with your catch basin include:

• Water is seeping between the bricks and blocks surrounding your catch basin to adjust grade.
• Mortar has been “blown out” by freezing water.
• You notice a sunken grate and/or frame.
• Water is entering the catch basin at points besides the grate, such as around the edges of the frame or between the frame and your pavement.


If you have existing catch basins, the professionals at APM Paving can inspect and clean them for you as part of your routine maintenance schedule. We can also make repairs to your asphalt pavement to prevent more damage to the pavement as well as the catch basin. If you have no catch basins or an inadequate number to handle your needs, we can install them for you. We have been in the asphalt pavement industry for over 35 years and provide an extensive range of services to customers in most Central Kentucky locations. Whether you need storm water management, asphalt paving, parking lot striping, asphalt repairs, sealcoating or any other asphalt maintenance service, our experienced technicians can deliver superior work at affordable prices. Contact us for a free estimate by calling (859) 299-8111 or submitting the online form.