Parking Lot Signs – Stencils

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The condition of your parking lot conveys a message to your customers, vendors and employees. If you have signs and stencils that are easy to read and not faded or missing, the message conveyed is that you care about the safety and convenience of those entering your parking lot. By extension, these items also indicate that you take pride in your business.


Proper signage is essential for an orderly, safe parking lot. Drivers and pedestrians need to know the direction in which traffic is supposed to flow, who has the right of way and where they can and cannot park. Stop signs, handicapped spaces, speed limits, fire lanes, loading zones, reserved spaces and other signage should be posted in the proper locations and at the proper heights. Some signs are voluntary, but others are covered by federal or state regulations that may specify the size, location and type of mounting that must be used. At APM Paving, we stay up to date on the changing regulations as well as the industry’s best practices for parking lot signage. We can help you determine the proper configuration for your parking lot signs and then install them correctly.

Contractor painting handicap parking stencil


Many businesses use stencils to identify parking spaces that are reserved for certain drivers. For example, they might choose to label a few with the word “Visitors” to make sure that vendors and job applicants can always find a convenient spot to park. They may also want to reserve certain spaces for executives and department heads, and in some instances, they may want to mark the assigned spaces for every employee. Stencils are also frequently used by apartment complexes and condominiums to mark the spaces assigned to each tenant. Although stenciling may appear easy, it actually requires experience to get all labels centered and aligned properly. The perspective and viewing angle must be considered as well. APM Paving has the expertise to provide you with quality stenciling that will make your parking area look neat and clean.

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For more than 35 years, APM Paving has been providing parking lot maintenance for a variety of customers in Central Kentucky. Our commitment to quality work, superior customer service and affordable prices is shared by every member of our crews. In addition to signage and stenciling, we also offer asphalt repairs, parking lot striping, asphalt milling, asphalt sealcoating and many more asphalt-related services. We provide you with a free quote via our online form, or you can call us at 859.299.8111.