Asphalt Repair

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Over the years, asphalt undergoes a natural deterioration process due to exposure to the elements, chemicals, and weather changes. Even sunlight can have a harmful effect on your pavement and cause it to break down. Asphalt repair is an important part of maintaining your business’s assets and curb appeal.

This ongoing wear and tear causes asphalt to lose its natural resistance to water, even when it has been coated. When water, oil or chemicals penetrate the surface, it causes potholes, cracks, and alligatoring. The result is a pavement that is full of hazards, which can cause injury to pedestrians and damage to vehicles.

You may not think asphalt repair is serious – until someone trips, falls, and holds you liable. That’s why you need to maintain constant vigilance and keep your asphalt smooth and free of defects. You never want your pavement to be a public safety hazard because you care about the people who use your parking lot.

When you have holes and cracks in your pavement, don’t allow them to fester until you need an entire re-paving done. Treat any problems that you see in your asphalt as soon as possible. That’s where asphalt repair (pavement rehabilitation) comes in.

Asphalt repair and removal with skid steer.

Whether your defective asphalt pavement needs full-depth repairs or surface skin patches, APM Paving can eliminate these asphalt issues and prolong the life of your pavement. This type of ongoing maintenance can save your business thousands of dollars in costs as you avoid a complete repaving job and treat problems as they arise.

The asphalt repair process may involve any of the following techniques:

  • Full-Depth Asphalt Repairs
  • Asphalt over Concrete Repairs
  • Underdrain
  • Cold Plane Milling

We don’t expect you to know which method will be needed for your project. That’s our job. Let the experts at APM Paving come to your property and do a detailed analysis. We can then recommend the types of repairs that fit your needs and budget the best. We will restore your asphalt to its original pristine condition and keep your property safe and secure for all users.

Call us at 859-288-8111 for your asphalt repair needs in the Lexington & Louisville areas. With over 30 years of pavement expertise, APM Paving is your go-to option for all your pavement rehabilitation needs. Give your pavement a second chance through our professional rehabilitation program!