Asphalt Crack Repair

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When it comes to asphalt pavement, even little cracks can become big ones with time. Make asphalt crack repair a priority.

Letting the elements get into the base layer of your pavement is a recipe for expensive problems. That’s why it’s necessary to fix any surface showing signs of disrepair as soon as possible.


  • avoid the need to fill expanded cracks that cost more money later;
  • prevent water, oil, and chemicals from seeping into the base of your asphalt and necessitating a complete re-paving job sooner than normal. That alone will save you thousands of dollars.

When your property’s asphalt pavement begins to break down, don’t wait to repair it! Asphalt crack repair is the most crucial and cost-effective maintenance technique for asphalt preservation and prolonged life; a smart move for your budget and bottom line. Long-term exposure to temperature fluctuations, the elements of time, and poor construction are a few of the many factors that can cause pavement to crack.

asphalt crack repair machine
Asphalt crack repair machine

Whatever the cause, cracked asphalt allows water, oil and chemicals to penetrate the surface and can erode the base layer beneath the pavement. When this occurs, there is no other option but for it to be removed and replaced. By repairing your cracks now, you will avoid this costly scenario.

APM Paving can help you keep minor cracks from becoming major headaches. Let us assist you in avoiding expensive repairs. We specialize in asphalt crack repair in the Lexington & Louisville areas.

Types of asphalt crack repair

Our asphalt crack repair methods are:

  • Hot Pour
  • Cold Pour

A hot pour crack sealant is the material most commonly used for asphalt cracks that are actively moving and eroding. We use this sealant when you have major cracks that seem to be gaining in size by the day. It is a highly effective method of repairing cracks that is a great buy for the money.

Cold pour crack sealing, on the other hand, is typically used on “less active” and smaller cracks. If the cracks that you want repaired are minor and haven’t seemed to grow in recent days, a cold pour is fine to repair your pavement.

At Asphalt Paving and Maintenance, our 30 years of experience have taught us the best methods to use when repairing asphalt cracks. We will know exactly what type of sealant to use for every crack in your pavement, and we can recommend exactly what’s needed and most cost effective for your specific project. Let us take a look at your pavement and give you our expert advice on keeping it in optimal condition.

For asphalt crack repair in the Lexington & Louisville areas, trust APM Paving, as hundreds of other customers have. Call us at 859-299-8111 today for your free estimate, and let us keep your cracks filled and your asphalt in tip-top condition. We believe that both your ledger and your pavement should always be in the black!