Asphalt and Concrete Curbing

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Nothing delivers the finishing touch to an asphalt parking lot like professionally installed curbing. Asphalt and concrete curbing completes a property’s look by enhancing the landscaping and defining boundaries. In addition, it also prevents undesired water run-off that can cause erosion.


  • Poured curb (curb & gutter)
  • Extruded curb (asphalt and concrete)

Pouring a curb & gutter system starts with installing concrete cement before the asphalt pavement. Extruded curbs, on the other hand, are made up of a mix of asphalt or concrete. We typically apply them using a machine after the asphalt install. This material dries quickly, making the process faster and saving time.

Concrete Curbing Contractor with trowel
Concrete Curbing Contractor with trowel

APM Paving offers cost effective asphalt and concrete curbing in the Lexington and Louisville areas. Our team of friendly, knowledgeable men and women have over 30 years of experience in the paving and sealcoating industry. Our crews cross train on a variety of tasks which ensure the highest quality in every job they do – from the smallest patch, to the largest overlay. We’ve been the trusted name in asphalt construction services since 1982. Call us at 859-299-8111 for your free estimate today. Get started online.