Built To Last

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Built to Last Program

Our Free 4-step Pavement Assessment & Budgeting Tool

A Pavement Management Tool for Managers & Owners

Built To Last is a program designed to help property managers and owners develop efficient management plans. Its purpose is to maximize value of dollars spent on paving maintenance, repair and rehabilitation.

Why do I need this?

It's proven to save you money.

Our experts use this process to help you find the best fit solution(s) for your site’s paving resources. Often we see savings over 35% over conventional paving management. Let us share how we can do the same.

Step 1


Together we develop your pavement philosophy & goals.

Step 2


We quantitatively assess your pavement resources on site.

Step 3


We design a restoration and maintenance budget that fits you.

Step 4


We flawlessly implement the plan.

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Let our team evaluate your site’s paving resources and better understand your goals for the property. You’ll receive your assessment that will help you identify needs and inform future pavement resource management decisions.

Our assessment will help you:

Who is it for?

Decision makers in charge of the management and budgeting of multiple sites over multiple years. These often include industries such as:

Why now?

Understanding your pavement resources and how to most efficiently manage them has never been more important. Reduce expensive, untimely surprises and ensure the value of your pavement resource dollars are maximized.

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