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When our company started in 1982 our name was Asphalt Maintenance of Kentucky, in 1986 we added paving to our line of services and we became Asphalt Paving & Maintenance. The good thing about that name was that people knew exactly what we did; the drawback was that it was hard to put that on a sign and be recognizable. One of the first changes I made when I joined the company 20 years ago was to update our image and shorten our name to APM. The benefit was that it was easy to see who we were; but the drawback was that it was hard to communicate what we did.

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Recognize Potential ADA Parking Lot Violations

Lawsuits related to violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act are increasing, and one of the areas that is commonly targeted by plaintiffs in “drive-by litigation” is parking lots. Assessing compliance is easier to conduct on the exterior of your building than on the interior. Should an individual, consumer group or attorney decide to check your parking lot for compliance, you might never know that it had been inspected until you receive a complaint or are fined or sued. In addition to protecting yourself against possible litigation, making sure that your parking lot is ADA-compliant can help you generate positive reactions from current and potential customers, encouraging their patronage. There are various conditions that could be violations under the ADA, but some are more common than others.

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Asphalt Crack Filling Basics | Lexington, KY

Sooner or later, the best asphaltpavement is going to develop a crack. Ground movement, the freeze/thaw cycle, oxidation, traffic and age can all lead to the appearance of cracks. It is imperative to have cracks in asphalt pavement filled as soon as possible. If cracks are not repaired, water can penetrate to the pavement’s foundation and destabilize it. This can lead to alligator cracking, potholes and premature failure of the pavement. Although the goal of crack filling is always to prevent additional damage caused by the expansion of the crack and/or water penetration, there are different types of cracks and different products that can be used.

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Asphalt Sealcoating at Night

Asphalt contractors understand that you want to minimize any disruption to your routine while work is being performed. They know that customers need to keep their streets and parking lots open as much as possible. Many customers think that they can accomplish this by having sealcoating applied at night, but sealcoating at night is not a good idea. By exploring the following common myths about sealcoating, you can gain a better understanding of why sealcoating needs to be applied during the day.

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Asphalt Paving & Protecting Your Dog

Pet owners often go to extremes to ensure that their dogs have the best food, appropriate veterinary treatments and plenty of affection. If a dog spends most of its time outdoors, owners usually ensure that there is fresh water and a shady spot for daytime naps. Whether the dog spends its days inside or outside, owners realize that dogs need and want exercise, so they take them for regular walks. However, what many pet owners do not realize is that asphalt pavement can cause serious harm to their dogs when the weather is warm.

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Cost Benefits To Striping An Asphalt Parking Lot

Whether you own a small shop or manage a sprawling apartment complex, you want people to notice your presence. The trick is to have them notice you for the right reasons. For example, you do not want them to notice that there is an excessive amount of trash in your parking lot or that there are no parking spaces marked. Instead, you want your exterior to display your attention to detail and pride in your business. However, you might not realize that a clean, well-marked parking lot can help you improve your revenue, enhance your visitors’ safety and decrease your expenses.

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Commercial Asphalt Paving: Project Requirements

Many Americans are accustomed to the “age of specialization.” Physicians often specialize in a particular age group, part of the body or illness. Auto repair shops sometimes specialize in particular makes of vehicles. Some dog groomers specialize in certain breeds. Computer programmers may specialize in mobile applications, websites or robotics.

Even some asphalt paving companies choose to specialize in residential paving. If you need a commercial paving project, however, you do not want to hire a contractor who only knows how to install residential pavement. No matter how satisfied homeowners have been with his services or how many years he has been in business, the chances are excellent that he lacks the expertise to handle a commercial asphalt paving project. There are simply too many variances between commercial and residential paving.

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Sealcoating: Is Thicker Better

When contractors explain the asphalt sealing process, some customers question whether it would be better to apply the sealant in a thicker layer to improve the protection it provides or to shorten the time that the area must be closed to traffic. Although it might seem reasonable to “get it over with” faster by applying a thick coat instead of two thin coats, thicker layers are always a very bad idea.

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