Cost Benefits To Striping An Asphalt Parking Lot

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Whether you own a small shop or manage a sprawling apartment complex, you want people to notice your presence. The trick is to have them notice you for the right reasons. For example, you do not want them to notice that there is an excessive amount of trash in your parking lot or that there are no parking spaces marked. Instead, you want your exterior to display your attention to detail and pride in your business. However, you might not realize that a clean, well-marked parking lot can help you improve your revenue, enhance your visitors’ safety and decrease your expenses.


Although there is an old saying that warns against the practice, people still tend to “judge books by their covers.” As the first part of your business that they will encounter, your parking lot is the cover by which they will judge the quality of what you have to offer. If your parking lot is unmarked or full of trash, it may generate the perception that your interior spaces are equally unkempt or perhaps even unsafe. If your lot is in good shape, people will tend to feel more confident that your interior will be comfortable and sanitary. They will perceive what you have to offer as being of higher quality and that you are a responsible professional.


If you have ever had to park in an area without markings, you know how confusing it can be. You probably noticed that some vehicles were parked parallel to each other, some were angled to the right and others were angled to the left. There may have been cars partially blocking the traffic lanes, obscuring the building’s entrance or blocking the sidewalk. The confusion can be distracting to drivers, making them less safe than they should be. They might fail to notice a car that is backing out, for example, and an accident could occur. If cars are blocking entrances and fire lanes, emergency personnel might have difficulty responding to a fire alarm or a request for medical assistance. Blocked wheelchair ramps may make it impossible for handicapped individuals to access your building or require them to take an unsafe route.


It is not expensive to have a professional stripe your parking lot and apply pavement markings. In many cases, the cost can be offset by savings in other areas.

• Your potential liabilities are reduced. Victims of accidents occurring on your property may attempt to hold you responsible. For example, if a pedestrian is struck by a distracted driver, the victim might sue to recover medical expenses and lost wages, forcing you to engage legal representation. Even if your insurance company handles the legal matters, you could end up paying higher premiums in the future.
• If you are subject to the Americans with Disabilities Act or local ordinances, you could be fined for not having handicapped parking spaces properly marked. Incidentally, there are very few businesses that are not required to offer handicapped spaces, including those that only have one or two parking spaces.
• Whether you lease or own the land used for your parking lot, there are associated costs. Without clear markings, your lot may not be able to accommodate as many cars as it could if the lot were properly planned and marked. You might discover that you could reduce the size of your parking lot by blocking certain areas to save on the expenses involved in maintaining and repairing your pavement.

At APM, we have been helping our customers maintain their parking lots for more than 35 years. We offer a full range of paving services, including parking lot striping and pavement markings, asphalt pavementasphalt sealing, crack repair, parking lot signs, bumper blocks, concrete and concrete repair, curbing, milling and site work. We deliver exceptional quality at affordable prices. If you would like to request a free estimate, fill out the online form or call (859) 299-8111.

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